Corporate Social Responsibility


Progressing Our Society By Upholding Our Cherished Values

Giving due recognition and returning due value and appreciation, whether to the system, to the community or to mother earth is a most important criteria for all of us at the Group. For without the guidance of the government and authorities, without the support of the various communities and without the blessings of nature and the land, where will we possibly be? Thus, embarking on a host of sound commitments grouped under Corporate Social Responsibility, all and one get to better appreciate the values and roles to be played for the benefit of all.

In addition to giving copious support, whether both financially or both spiritually and physically to various under-privileged societies and promoting leadership values put forth by the authorities, the Group of Companies emphasizes sustainability in all its products for the benefit of not only our buyers and investors but also for the good of our natural environment. Finding new ways to build homes with the least impact on nature and our fellow countrymen in every neighbourhood we venture into. Fulfilling new standards of eco-awareness through lowered pollutants, decreased wastage of natural resources and applying innovative methods and formulae in property development. These are but just some of the examples of our efforts in maintaining a more sustainable environment for better years ahead.